The Fibinance platform is centered around ease of use and enjoyable user experience for the end client. Traders want the ability to navigate through the platform with the path of least resistance and to focus their efforts on obtaining valuable information as easily as possible. Moreover, for brokers interested in the platform, it is possible to customize the platform to appear individual to the broker itself, providing traders with a unique experience and feel.

Format and Build

Fibinance trading platform is generally divided into 3 underlying categories: Trading, Strategies, and Masters. Each category focuses on its features and allows traders to navigate through the platform to easily locate their desired destination. The trading section includes all trading assets and instruments in an orderly fashion, inducing a simple interface that allows for a fast location of the desired asset. Also, there is an implanted footer that can be viewed across all categories, which summarizes the account information, including equity, balance, and open P/L. The footer further details the total number of open positions, number of pending orders, and clearly shows a breakdown of open P/L spread across the account’s utilized assets and EAs, at any given time.

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