Commodities allows its Customers to trade with CFDs on their favorite commodities, such as WTI (Crude Oil), Gold, Silver and many others.
If you are keen on oil variation, the CFD WTI is made for you. You need to carefully listen to international news and if you forecast that the Oil price will go down, then issue a Sell transaction and if your forecast is right, you immediately make a profit. Generally speaking, investors break commodities down into two categories: soft and hard commodities.
Soft commodities are typically grown, while hard commodities are typically mined or extracted. Sugar, coffee, corn, wheat, and cocoa beans are all examples of soft commodities. Hard commodities are typically mined from the ground or taken from other natural resources, like gold, oil, aluminum, and others.

Commodities Advantages


Because commodities have low to no commissions at all. Independent or a robot calculated strategies; Increased Transparency; 24/5 support; currently one of the most attractive assets on the market.

Instruments Spread (in Pips) Levarage
GOLD 0.03 100:1
SILVER 0.03 100:1
OIL 0.03 100:1
GAS 0.05 50:1
SUGAR 0.1 50:1
COCOA 10 50:1
COFFEE 0.65 50:1
COTTON 0.03 100:1
CORN 0.7 50:1
COPPER 0.0060 100:1
RISE 0.06 50:1